Happy Birthday Unnie ^^

February 24, 2013
one of my best friend Unnie Anna, had a birthday a few days a go, i know her from twitter, she's my friend (Felicia) friends, we have a same idol grup from South Korea that we love the most, called MBLAQ, at that time, one of member MBLAQ, G.O having a solo performance on tv program Immortal Song, after watching G.O performance, i tweeted like crazy person "Woah, Daebak, he really have a good voice *O*" eehhmm, i dont remember exactly my tweet, but i think something like that keke, and than i got a mention from @ana_evergreen (now she changed her username, and its secret lol) she said "do you like immortal song too?" after that we're having a long chat, and finally we become a very close friend, its been 2 years i know her. We always talked and sometimes going crazy together becouse of MBLAQ, that was a really happy time ^^ She was extremly kind person, prove 1. when MBLAQ have their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, my Unnie cannot came to watch their concert becouse its still bussy time in collage, she didnt have permission, and she lives in Surakarta, its too far from Jakarta, in case we're always having a dream to watch MBLAQ concert together and fangirling like a crazy, but such a pitty, im just watching MBLAQ concert without her TT one day, i got a package from her, when i opened, there's a MBLAQ t-shirt, a mug with Joon( member that i love the most in MBLAQ is Joon ) face printed, and a letter, the point of the letter, my Unnie said " sorry, i cant watch and fullfil my promise to attend MBLAQ concert with you :( i have this t-shirt too, at June 30 (MBLAQ day concert) wear this t-shirt and enjoy the concert, and im gonna wear this too at my house, and just thingking that we're watching it together right?" OMAGAH, im crying while reading her letter TT prove 2. when my birthday is coming, she gave a present, she send that present to my friends house, and at the June 13, my friends giving me the present from Unnie, she gave me a Chelsea FC Jacket, and a 5 MBLAQ key chain and yep, with a letter to full of her wishes to me, thank you so much Unnie ^^ prove 3. after she went to Umroh, she giving me a lot of things, like Kurma, Air Zam-Zam, Mecca key chain, perfume and ect, not only for me, but for 9 my collage close friends, daebak ^^ prove 4. she giving me a looooott of snack from Surakarta, and once again not only for me but for my 9 my collage close friends too ^^ did i miss something unnie? She's extremly so kind to me and Feli, maybe she did that too to her other friends, so when she came to Jakarta, we make promise to meet up, and fortunately the date that we want to meet up is the day that her birthday, me and Feli deciding to make a simple surprise for her. me and Feli come 1 hours earlier, we're buying a bday cake, when we came to food court oh yeah, unnie ana already arrive to, so we sit down first, chat a little bit, and then we gave her a bday cake complete with the candle ^^ im so happy when she smilling and shock with this little surprise, i think this is nothing compared what he gave to me and Feli, but she was so happy, im glad to know that ^^ this is a few photos at that moment, we wish you always happy unnie ^^

Unnie Ana with her cake
Feli with Unnie Ana and her cake
and this is me with Unnie Ana and her cake

some of selca that we took together :) 

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