March First HAUL : Za, Silky Girl and Wardah

March 15, 2013
My first ever HAUL kekeke ~ i'm so envy everytime I read other beauty bloggers haul *bite bread* and finally this is my turn *winks ~

I got this with my own money and from my mommy money lol.

This is what i got ^O^

Compact Powder
Loose Powder
A lot Lipgloss
And Eyeliner

Za Cosmetic

Za - Eyes Vibrante shade E1
Za - True White Two Way Foundation
2 Za - Gloss Vibrante shade G4 and G10 

Actually i already using Za Cosmetic since 3 or 4 years a go, my favorite Za product is their LIPGLOSS, i have a lot lipgloss but the one who always i put on my lips is from Za, for my daily activities i used shade G10 with pink color and if want to look more bold i used shade G10 with red color. Im gonna review this lipgloss soon *winks ~

Silky Girl

Silky Girl - Shine Free Loose Powder (01 Natural Light)
Silky Girl - Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner
Silky Girl - Hi Definition Waterproof Mascara

This is my first time try this product :)


Wardah - Lightening TWC Light Feel Compact Powder
Wardah - Lumonius Creamy Foundation
Wardah - Eyeshadow
Wardah - Wondershine Lipgloss

Im falling in love with Wardah creamy foundation and compact powder, so coverage, bye bye my acne scar :D

So this is my first ever haul, gonna review it soon ~


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