Review : The Face Shop CC Cream

March 24, 2013
Hy Dear,

Have you ever heard about CC Cream?
CC Cream is the next generation of BB Cream
CC (Color Contol) creams contain all of the benefits of a traditional BB. However, CC takes it to the next level. CCs often offer much more coverage, so if you need something that will mimic a foundation this is your best bet. Also, they do just what they say: correct your complexion. If you suffer from dark spots, acne, or generally dull skin, a CC cream will help to even out your skin tone and brighten it along the way. A few of these have just popped onto the market, and the one i bought is from The Face Shop

SPF 30, PA++

I bought this sample for Rp 10.000,- from Silvia Room, the full size kinda pricey >,<


Easy to blend, but as you can see, it doesnt match with my skintone, im glad i bought the sample first

The coverage is medium-high, but i dont feel like to wear this cc cream anymore, my face looks so white, and doesnt match with my exotic skin LOL i dont want people think im wearing mask :P
But, if you have white skin, i recommended you to try this out, Highly Recommended!

Repurchase? : No, coz it doesnt match with my skintone
Rating : 3 / 5


im trying to use this product again in the next morning, and surprise, its looks good in my face, no overwhite anymore!! and yep, im fallin in love with this cc cream ^^

im looking so flaaawwlleeess ~ LOL

Repurchase : Yes,
Rating : 5 / 5



  1. I super love this CC Cream too. On my face (normal with slight oily on T-zone), it can stay from morning till night, around 12 hrs like what the product description claim LOL

    Anyway if it's fine with u, I'd like to promote that I sell this CC Cream in special edition with special price of only IDR 150k (they're originally for press conference purpose, so the box is different but the product is new, full size, n original).

    If u're interested please do visit my shop here:


  2. @Girl can rock : hai, since it's just the sample, idk the shade i've been using ^^


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