Tutorial : D for Dramatic Eyes!

March 25, 2013
Hy Dear,

I want tell you something, jadi, sebelum rajin buka - buka beauty blog, aku dulu lebih suka ngeliat tutorial make up di youtube, tapi ga pernah sampe punya niat buat bikin vidio tutorial, karena kayaknya sih pasti ribet, dan setelah mengenal dunia per-blog-ging-an aku jadi tergelitik buat ikutan bikin beauty blog kekeke ~

So, this tutorial based on vidio i've been watched from Miss Teni, i lovvveeeeee every single tutorial from her, so easy and looks so amazing >,< here's Miss Teni youtube channel go watch it by yourself :)

I was following this tutorial Liner and Lashes Part 2 (Dramatic Eyes)

What you need? 

Liquid eyeliner

 Let's Begin ~

1. Begin in the inner from your eyes, and make a pretty thick line

2. Make a dot just about a halfway cross in your eyeline

3. And then fill the dot 

4. Connect to your wink liner

 5. I dont have a nude pencil so i use concealer instead :) 
draw over then of the line in each side and blend it to make your liner fade out

6. Adding another line to make it more dramatic 
and once again applying a concealer at the end of line
and blend away

7. I was put a concealer around my liner to make it clean

8. And you're DONE :)

 I think it lil bit failed, keke my make-up skill still lacks, please excuse me LOL

 Here's my final look ^^

You better watch and following Teni tutorial rather than me hahaha, byee ~


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