Review : The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue

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I'm coming with a new review, The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue
Cleaning your face before bed time is a must, but there are times that it is so tiresome to do, and i was such a lazy person who really hate moving LOL

I'm so excited when my package coming, i can even wait to try this cleansing tissue. First time I opened it a refreshing flowery scent will welcome your nostrils, I love the scent, not to strong and bothering me, feels so relaxing.

 I pick one sheet and try to clean my make-up, fyi, my type skin is combination, after a day long activity, my T zone become so shining and feeling so icky. Though it was written to avoid contact with eyes, I tried wiping it lightly on my eyes. It was able to remove the eye shadow and the gel liner, but not the mascara. After clean my face, refreshing feeling is immediately coming to me. Usually, after clean my face, i feel my face is so dry, but this cleansing tissue giving me a different feeling, sometimes i felt my face so fluffy and fresh

Product Description
When you're in a pinch and need to freshen your face, reach for The Face Shop's Herb Day Cleansing Tissue. Each tissue is pumped full of rosemary and herb extracts for those times when you need that extra boost mid-day to keep your skin healthy, clear, and clean. Gentle on the skin and alcohol free.


Pick 1 piece of tissue and wipe it off from inside to outwards. Close your eyes when wiping eye areas. (Cap must be closed after each usage to keep the product not dry)


applied my hand with a different make-up


Great for to clean the face for tiresome nights
It was able to take away all the makeup on my face.
The sheet is thick and sturdy that it doesn’t tear easily
It has a strong flowery scent but it doesn’t bother me
It was able to take away some of the gel liner on my lids
It didn’t break me out

Repurchase : Definetly!
Rating : 5 / 5  



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  2. great post dear. i always love a review post ♥♥

  3. nice review! packagingnya juga lucu ;)
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  5. ok i think ill buy them then! ^^



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