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Hy dear...

I'm just about back to my home sweet home after spending my weekend in my sister house. I'm so bored in home, alone *sigh* so happy to meet my nephew Kevin, he's moreeee cute, and handsome than the last time i meet him around 3 months ago, and today, May 13th is Kevin 2nd BIRTHDAAAYY !! Happy birthday my beloved nephew Kevin Halim, auntie loves you so muuuucchh ~

Kevin with his mommy (my beloved sister)

how cute they're :)

Okay, back to topic. I came to Tony Moly Indonesia Store at Sumarecon Mall Serpong with my sister, awalnya nggak ada rencana sama sekali buat mampir ke Tony Moly, tapi begitu ngeliat banner bertuliskan "DISC 35% FOR ALL ITEMS" bikin kaki secara otomatis mendatangi storenya, hahaha. Honestly i didn't saw the banner, my sister was the first saw it, she asking me "do you know Tony Moly? from where?" of course i know Tony Moly, JYJ is their brand ambassador, aaaahh Junsuuuu, my duck buuuttttttttt ~ LOL

Look what i got from Tony Moly stores ~

Tony Moly : Clean Dew Lemon Seed Massage Cream
Tony Moly : Dear Me Petit Cotton BB Cream
Tony Moly : Concealer
Tony Moly : Magic Tint Balm
Tony Moly : Egg Pore Nose Pack
Tony Moly : Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask in PEARL
Tony Moly : Essential Mask Sheet Pack in POMEGRANATE

i got all of this for free, yes, my sister paying it ^O^ sebenernya masih banyak banget yang pingin aku beli, dan pas tau semuanya kakak aku yang bayar dan nggak mau di ganti, ya sebagai adik yang baik hati, aku ngambil yang mahal mahal tapi sedikit saja ^^ I have one of the bset sister in the world, how lucky i am? :)

rencananya hari rabu atau kamis, me with my besties will back again to Tony Moly Stores at Mall Taman Anggrek, masih belum puaaaass ngeborong kekeke wanna join us? ^^ review soon ya ~


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