Review : Tony Moly Clean Dew Lemon Seed Message Cream

June 11, 2013
Hy dear..

Have you ever tried cleansing message cream yet? This is my first message cream, and im fallin in love with this product and the result, please scroll down if you want to know the reason, why did im fallin for this product lol ^^;

I bought this cleansing around IDR 69, or $6.9 on Tony Moly store Summarecon Mall Serpong. I'm using this cleansing everyday to removed my make up, and im so happy with the result, everything is gone with one sweep. There's something uniqe with this cleansing, more you message your face with this, more oily feeling you got, yep this cream transformed in to oil, im so suprised at the first time i used this, just like a tons of oil pouring down on to your face, sticky and itchy >,< but i dont feel like that anymore. I used this to remove eye makeup too, and its didnt irritated my eyes, love that!

You can either use tissue or wash it off with lukewarm water, but in my opinion you better used tissue, not lukewarm water nor cotton, the oily feeling wont completely come off, tissue is the best, it can completely swep all the oil, even you just tap tap tap it on to your face.



Lemon seed message cream has Lemon smell, not to strong and not bothering me at all. Me and my mom really loves used this, yep, my mom, im giving a free facial treatment everyday for my mom, cleansing, peeling, mask-ing, ect ect ect, my mom rob my 1 hours everynight >,< actually, at the first my mom was really angry with me becouse i spend a lot just for cleanser product, but now, she's helping me used cleanser-product-that-makes-her-so-angry-before -_- but, im so happy when my mom told me, she's will buying me other product that i want, yipiieeeyy ~^^~

Ah, this cleansing cream not only great removed make up but also brightening, my mom told me, my face more brighter, thats whyyyy, my mom want to used this, and asking to do facial treatment for her lol.

Pros :
- didnt irritated my skin and my eyes
- brightening my face
- great removing make up
- no breakouts
- smells good
- 150ml, you can used for long time ~
- makes my skin soft

Cons :
- there's nothing i dont like about this product ^,~

Rating : 5 / 5

Repurchase? : YEEESSSS !!

I highly recommended if you're looking for a good cleansing cream :)

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  1. Awesome! This looks so great. I didn't know about this product from Tony Moly. ^^

  2. I love lemon products! Great to see it works so well too!

  3. @Auntumn : i dont know about this too, until i saw at TM store ^^

    @Ari : you gonna love this :)

  4. Does your skin feels tight after use?

  5. @Mizu : nope, it makes my skin feel so soft :)

  6. This looks REALLY good! o__o I've never heard of this product from Tonymoly, but I'm definitely convinced to try this out! Thank you!

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  7. @June : me too, i dont know about this product too before keke.
    im following you :)

  8. Great review dear ^^~ Mind to follow each other? :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  9. Wow! It looks super cool seeing it can remove make up easily! Thank you for the great review :)

  10. yes Bella, even for the mascara can easily gone

  11. tried it once then it's made my skin irritated, even i love the smell but can't use it anymore.


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