My July Haul

Hy dear...

I'm broke now, lol.
This month, I found a looott online shop having  sale in their web, I can't help it, who doesn't love sale? kkkkke~

So, here's my July Haul ~

Some goodies i got it from my sister for free, thank you sis :*


Tony Moly - Berry Lovely Girl Jelly Lips (bought it $ 3.5 normal price $ 7 )
The Face Shop - Lovely me:ex Jelly Jello Tint Meets Gloss (bought it $ 2.5 normal price $ 5)
Etude House : Dear My Milky Gloss ( bought it $ 4.9 normal price $ 7)
Silky Girl : Moisture Gloss ($ 2)
Etude House : Dear My Lips Talk Color Pop ( bought it $ 6.4 normal price $ 112)

Skin Care ~

L'Oreal : White Perfect Night (from my sister)
Pigeon : Facial Foam (from my sister)
Etude House : Daily Mask Sheet (bought it $ 7.4 normal price $ 150)
Etude House : Essence Mask Collagen ($ 1.6)
Biore : Pore Pack ($ 1)
The Body Shop : Vitamin E Moisture Cream ( $ 4)


And this is my best buy ever!

Clio - Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner (bought it $ 3.5 normal price $ 9.5)
Banila Co : Two Eyes Duo Squared Sparkling Night (bought it $ 3.5 normal price $ 25)

Last but not least, free sample ^^

That's it, even most of them i bought it when on sale, im still broke, becouse I'm in holiday period, no income from my parents, need to wise when im using my money from now until im back to the campus life, hiks

Tell me, which one you are curious about? I will review it as soon as possible ^^

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog post. Kisses!


  1. Love ur new items! They all look great :D

  2. where did you bought the clio and banila co? the price is super cheap >_<

  3. Clio and Banila Co review donk.. Ditunggu hihihi..
    Btw, beli nya dimana jeeng?

  4. thank you Ileana :)

    Shasa, bought it from they have big sale, but most of them already sold out ><

    Sip, ditunggu ya reviewnya ^^ ada yg beli di counternya langsung sm beberapa online shop :)

  5. your welcome sasha :)

    thank you shika :D

  6. wahhh good deal bgt ya clio sm banila nyaa :D
    ditunggu review clio nyaa..

  7. Love it :)
    Following you via GFC
    Would really appreciate if you follow me back on both :)

  8. Love the lippies!

    Maxinne ♥


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