Review : Etude House Dear My Lips Talk Color Pop OR220

Hy dear...

I think it's been long time since my last lipstick review, or i haven't reviewing lipstick, yet? I can remember lol.

As you know, back then Etude House release new make up line called Color Pop for welcoming Summer time. Collor Pop series have various bright color for lipstick, eyeliner, and other few product, really loves the cheerful color for this series
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Honestly, I dont like Etude lipstick, this is my very first lipstick from Etude. Couple years a go, i tried my friends lipstick, and amazingly my lips drying so much, yep it was Etude lipstick -_- but after see those beautiful color, I can't help but bought this lipstick with full hopetheir changhing the formula, more moizturaizing....

Etude never dissapointed us for their packaging, look how cute those orange ribbon, can you see the patern on lipstick? so elegan and pretty, rite? The box as well, really love the orange with white polcadot :)

without flash
with flash
after sweping it with tissue

The color is so orange, orange with red undertone i think. For texture is kinda bit creamy, *moizturaizing pleaseeeee...* and the pigmented is super, and as you can see, even after sweeping it, the color still stay, just like lip tint, eh? But when you applying on to your lips, and then you eat, do not hoping to much kekeke becouse the creamy texture, it easy to remove this lipstick, even when you drink from straw! Without eating it just staying around 1 hours, becouse I have bad habits, I really loves lick and bitting my lips without realizing it, so they just can stay arround 1 hours. Please excuse my annoy habits...
And... the main point for this lipstick is... YES, it's still makes my lips dry, even i applying lipbalm before applying this, not works, still drying, and I got the worst lips drying ever, for 2 week my lips busted, and always cracking (?) it really hurts when I eat spicy food. Lipbalm can not help my lips, when I used The Body Shop Moisturaizing Cream, my lips slowly get better. But when my Mom used this lipstick, noting happend, i think Etude is trully didn't suit with my lips. *sob sob*

Pros :

  • A bunch of lovely shade
  • Pigmented
  • Great cover
  • Ultra cute packaging
  • Smooth texture
Cons :
  • Deraiyiiiiiiiinnggg ! *re:drying*
Repurchase ? : BIG NO, I hate when my lips drying!


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  1. owww ;__; the color is so pretty ♥ ♥ ♥

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  3. So sorry to hear that this didn't work for you. Maybe you can try a lip scuff to help heal your lips?

  4. Can I just say I love the rating images on your site? So funny. That said, I'm sorry this product didn't meet your expectations. That's always a bummer when a product doesn't live up to its claims! :(

  5. Starshaukei : yes, the color is really pretty :D

    Alia : thanks for recommendating, i will try lip scuff ^^ : thanks for loving my rating image ^3^ yep, more pay doesn't mean you will get great product :(

  6. Lee joon XD so cute!
    Mau nyoba tapi jadi takut dear o.o bibirku juga gampang kering x_x

  7. lucu banget packagingnya and i love the color! :)cute blog..
    i'm your new follower

  8. hihi thanks jessica ^^ iya sayang bgt bikin bibir kering :(

    Thank you anita :D

  9. Such pretty, bold colors - Too bad the formula isn't more moisturizing! <3

  10. This is soooo cute! Love the packaging :D


  11. sayang banget ya. padahal warnanya lucu :(

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  12. Moi Conter : INDEED!

    Ileana : Me too, loves the package :D

    Inge : sayang banget mba T_T

  13. too bad that it's drying on your lips!
    i also got these lippies but not from color pop line :3

  14. Pretty color!

  15. Aaaahk... Orange nya.. Aku belum punya warna orange.. Etude emang ya, packing nya lucu kaleee...

  16. Oh no!! Too bad it's so drying because the color is so cute on you! :<

  17. Having dry lips is not pleasant. Reminds me of the never-ending winter season of dry lips ;)

  18. color pop lip tint is one of my favorites from Etude. I really love the shade!

  19. I love orange lipsticks.. Although I hate these drying ones..
    <3 #GIG

  20. I hate when lips are drying, don't we all? Great choice of shade though.

  21. Rini : from which one ka? bikin kering ga? :O

    Dine : hayuk di beli lipstick orenyaa hehehe

    Natalie : i love the color too but i cant help the drying lips :(

    Kjandersen : must be bad :/

    Carizza : yup, i was a fan of etude liptint or lipgloss but not for they lipstick, it sucks :(

    Cheryl : nobody wants drying lips ;) thanks anw :D

  22. Orange looks horrible on me - but I gotta check out Etude House's lipsticks!

  23. Wow, those colours are so beautiful!

  24. i really like the color orange!! :) looks great on you!

  25. OMG the packaging is so cute. Love the shade of red. It's exactly what I adore. It's sad to hear that it leaves your lips dry and chapped. It really looked great. Amazing review! <3


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