Make Up Look : Smoky Bloody Girl

Hy dear....

Wassup pretties? Long time no seeeee ~ been a while since my last posting, so today im back with make up look :D

You know it well, i'm sooooo bad naming something, we'll gonna go with Smoky Bloody Girl, i hope it make senses and suit really well with the look :p

I'm creating this look after watching a lot make up tutorial vidios, after got inspired and have free time, im playing with my make up, and here it is :D

Without any futher delay, lets take a look the Smoky Bloody Girl ~ *drum roll*

Detail on eyes ~

Details on lips ~

Without editing ~
ga tau kenapa tiap liat foto ini ngerasa
kaya anak bocah yg ingusnya meleber kemana mana LOL

See you on my next post ~


  1. kerennnnnn nuyin, akhirnya di pots juga . ayo banyakin yang beginian makeupnya mihihik :p

  2. huahhh itu makeup matanya keren bangettts na *.*

  3. ahhh ini keren banget deh.. suka suka suka... hits banget smokey nya berasa.. itu bibir bloody gitu oemjiii

  4. I love it !
    I've been so into face art lately


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