Review : banila co Sparkling Night Duo Eyeshadow

September 09, 2013
Hy dear..

How are today? Me great…
I’m just starting my internship a week a go, and thanks God, I have a really nice boss ^^

So, today im gonna review-ing banila co sparkling night duo eyeshadow, this is just short review, but I hope everything that you need to know will be here.

I got this eyeshadow with a super cheap price, around $ 3.5 from the original price around $ 19.5,  the moment this eyeshadow comes to me, I cant wait any longer to opened it, little bit surprise when I saw there’s no applicator on it, then I remember maybe because the applicator is missing that’s why they sell it with really cheap price? Hmm, I don’t know.

I love the packaging, black color make this looks so elegant, don’t you agree?

Just like the name, duo eyeshadow, this eyeshadow just come with 2 colors, black and white or silver, uh? The texture is powdery and have shimmer on it, it have a great pigmentation.

Pros :
- Pigmented
- Long Lasting
- Easy to applied

Cons :
- Pricey for duo eyeshadow


  1. Heeeiii saya kira isi nya mini pallete gitu teryata bukan ya.. FOTD mu cantik^^

  2. Kok bs ga ada aplikatorny ya? tp itu sih murah bgt lhooo cm 30rban xD

  3. I love the post, especially Korean beauty products.
    Can't seem to buy enough since I live and blog about it here
    Drop by :D

    oh and my friends always ask where to buy is actually selling internationally now !

  4. Dine Aishah, hihi iya mbak bukan, cuma dua biji eyesedownya keke.. maaci mbaknya ^3^

    Rini, haha aku juga ga tau ka kenapa ga ada aplikatornya, tapi gpp jg si, plg cuma sponge aplikator hehe

    Cunggie, glad you like it ^^ i wish i have paypal or something like that, so i can purchasing from other countries, thank for dropping by ^^

  5. Loving that polka dotted packaging - Too cute. And you look lovely in those shadows, great choice on the colors! <3

  6. I'm glad to hear your internship is going well so far! Those shadows look absolutely beautiful on you! :)

  7. Lovely shades and they look so nice on you! Lovely pics!

  8. What a lovely palette! I love silver shades!


  9. Strange that it didn´t come with an applicator, however you are pretty applicator or not :)

  10. You are looking totally stunning. Love the dual shade. Great review. Looks fab on you! <3

  11. thanks Moi, Somdatta, Ileana, Auntumn, Kj and Somdyuti :)

    Casey, thank you so much for your kind word, dear :)

  12. Your eyes look great with these colours! So glad to hear your internship has started well!

  13. Very handy eyeshadow, you can carry it around with you in your purse! :D

  14. Pretty! Nice review! ^^

    I just nominated u for Liebster Award!

  15. Great review and awesome products!

  16. great review!! it looks wonderful on you :D

  17. suka bangetttt sama warna lipsnya!! ><

    yuk ikut giveaway

  18. banila co ternyata pnya produk yang bagus-bagus ya. thanks reviewnya ;)

  19. At $19.5 if it's lasting long I would get it any time of the day
    Great review.
    Thank you


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