Event Report : Any Cushion Launching and 5th Anniversary Etude House Indonesia

Hy dear...

Last thursday I attending Etude House event at Ratatoullie Bar and Cafe, I come with my coworker, Ka Amel, She's got invitation too, but as media *currently i was working on magazine as a graphic designer* hihi im so happy to go with her. Fyi, Ka Amel is such bright and lovely friends, thats why im so happy to go with her ^^

The event started with opening words from Chris Choi, Business Development Representative Etude House, im sorry, i was forgot what he said :p Melia Erlina, General Manager Etude House Indonesia is telling us about the journey of Etude House in Indonesia. The very first Etude House store is on Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. Then the MC is introducing us to Manager Training Etude House Korea, Elise Je Kwon and Etude House Korea Make Up Artist, we began talked about the newest foundation Etude House, Any Cushion.

Any Cushion is 6-in-1 Multi-Function Foundation, with benefit of SPF, good oil cotrol, mousturaizing, brightening and cooling effect. Precious Mineral Any Cushion the revolusioner foundation with a unique cushion in a compact, with the function of Cushion Cell-Trap, soft cushion will absorb the foundation to make it still fresh and soft, no need a long time to make a flawless and perfect skin, you just need this  Precious Mineral Any Cushion for sure *wink~
Demo Make Up! one of beauty blogger got a chance to makeover, too bad the lighting on restaurant is not good, we can see the different after and before using Precious Mineral Any Cushion. Then, another beauty blogger, Ka Sasya from Hello Sasya Achi performing another demo makeup by herself. She's only have ten minute to make a perfect look. before ten minute passed, she's already done! Gosh, i adore her make up, if you are a fans of Korean make up, you will love Ka Sasya blog and one thing for sure, Ka Sasya is so PRETTY *O* and she is really kind too.
After demo make up from Etude House Korea make up artis and Ka Sasya, Yenny Maria, Directress Etude House Indonesia give a speech about the journey of Etude House in Korea and other country and telling Etude House plan to open 40 new stores all over in Indonesia in 3 years from now.

Birthday Cake is on, look how cute the birthday cake, with the decoration of Etude best selling product, so pinkish and so Etudeee! Firts slice cake given to the respentative from media, and the second slice given to the respentative from blogger, Ka Sasya. Etude House is really appreciating us, both media and blogger, how nice :)
Lunch time!! there's 3 different menu you can choose, Tuna Spaghetti, Lasagna Bolognese, and Gordon Blue. I choose Lasagna Bolognese for lucnh, it's so yummyyyy~~ By the way, when the lunch time I lost Ka Iva, my blogger friends, hiks so sad. Becouse i meet my other coworker from the same companies but different magazine, we've talked and then yeah, i dont where's Ka Iva is? Let's meet on another event Ka Iva, i have so much question for you hihihihi. Please check Ka Iva blog HERE!

Etude House is really well know how to make event and treat the guest, so much fun!
Yup, one  Precious Mineral Any Cushion *thanks God, I've got the right shade* and gift voucher worth one million IDR *jaw dropping* lol
And this is what I've got after shopping at Etude House store with the gift voucher, but this is not only for me, some of this i will giving it to my sister and mommy. Thank you so much Etude House Indonesia, and Happy 5th Anniversary :)

I will review the Precious Mineral Any Cushion and other product asap :)
 Found this cute words at Ratatoulie Bar and Cafe
specially take this photos for my another coworker who really loves wine hahaha

Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! See ya on my next post, sweetheart. Kisses!


  1. Wooow 1juta *ngences tingakat dewa.. Hihihi.. Btw, ikut acara event tuh, dicomfrimasi dari pihak peyelenggara atau kita dtg sendiri dibuka umum sih chay?

  2. biasanya dapet email dr penyelenggaranya kalau ga suka ada informasi di grup ibb ada acara A misalnya, syp yg mau dtg, kita daftar, nnt kl kepilih dpt email konfirmasinya mba ^^

  3. hellosasyachi yang bener hihihi thanks fotonya, aku gendut bener --'

  4. wuaaaahh, maafkan aku kakaknya salah ngetik >,<
    hihi yg penting tetep cantik :P


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