Review : Dr.Jart+ V7 BB Cream

October 19, 2013
Hy dear...

Woah, it's been a while since my last review yah.

Masih inget sama post aku tentang event report launching Dr.Jart+ ? kalo lupa atau belum baca, you can check it here! So, I got a few product from Dr.Jart+ and the one that i want to review is their BB cream. Shall we begin? :)

Firstly i want to tell you, Dr.Jart+ is Korean Derma-Cosmetic, they already have stores in Japan, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Filipina, and Singapure before coming to Indonesia.

Dr.Jart+ V7 BB Cream
Fundamental discovery
+  Perfect Protection from UV/UB
+ Seven Vitamins Complex
+ Natural Looking Coverage

SPF30/ PA++ | Whitening and Anti Wrinkle
Perfect and Protect your skin instanlly with multifunctional Vitamin Beauty Balm V7 BB naturally evens skin tone and minimizes imperfection. Included vitamin (A, B3, B5, C, E, F,H) for anti aging, brightening and restoring the skin's elasticity. Lightweight with sunscreen, V7 BB creates an ideal make up base, eliminating the need for foundation.
The packaging is simple in white, looks so derma and professional. It comes with the white box, but im lossing the box, sorry -_- but i remember there's paraben in the ingredients, for people who hates paraben in their skincare, you must watch out! For me, i dont really care about paraben, so it doesnt bother me.
The texture is not too thick or liquid, easy to blend and doesnt give heavy feeling. Dr.Jart+ is derma-cosmetic, means skincare combine cosmetic, Dr.Jart+ will make your skin healty and making you look pretty in one product, yeaaayy!
 As you can see, i have warm skin tone, and too bad, Dr.Jart+ BB only have one shade for their BB, yes is too white for me, but no worries, i found the way to still use this without looking cakey, just mix you BB with your foundie or bb that close with your skin tone,  and the result was amazing, trust me!
The coverage is medium, i have a freckles in my face, and it covered well, for acne scar and dark circle, i think you still need your best friend, yes! concealer.
after 4 hours
The oily control is great, as you can see, after 4 hours the oil just a little bit, you just need your oil paper to abosorb the unwanted-and-doens't make your rich-oil in your face, lol
FOTD using Dr.Jart V7 BB cream, is not cakey anymore right? and i thinks my face looks more brighter and healty kekeke~ btw, my mom really loves use this everyday, she has sensitive skin, her face will turn red if using the wrong foundie or skincare, and it doesn't happend when she use this :)

Ah, V7 is Dr.Jart+ new series for brighting, there's 5 product, 4 skincare (emulsion, toner, serum and spot treatment), and 1 bb cream

Price :
IDR 488.000,- arround $ 49

Pros :
- great oil control
- no breakout
- have a high SPF30/ PA++
- medium coverage
- have a lot vitamins (A, B3, B5, C, E, F,H) 
- it's okay for sensitive skin (my mom prove it)

Cons :
- only have one shade
- pricey

Where to buy?
Indonesia :Mall Alam Sutra, Matahari Dept Store Mall Taman Anggrek, and Lotte Shopping Avenue
Other countries : you can find it on Sephora 

Dr.Jart+ it's not medicine, it's derma-cosmetic. See you on my next post ~ Kisses!


  1. Coverage nya kereen ya *o* jadi tambah penasaran sama BBc ini..

  2. grayish gitu ga dipakenya?
    ratingnya lucuukk <3

    mampir2 ke blogku ya

  3. Dine, buat redness atau noda kecil ketutup mba, tp kalo acne scar kurang. hayuuukk dicobak :D

    Nella, di aku ga grayish ka. hihi terima kasih ^^

  4. Harganya bok bikin intermezo *lho! (-_-)
    Salam kenal aja ya...

  5. life is an art : leejoonssi lovely, leejoonssi wonderful~ lol

    Eskariyanti : hihi iya harganya kemahalan. salam kenal juga, thanks udah mampir ^^

  6. Duh harganya pricey ya >_<
    But thanks for the review~~


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