Review : Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Jelly in Cleansing Cream [Sponsored]

Hello my dear...
Another review from me :D
Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Jelly in Cleansing Cream is a mild and moisturizing cleanser with smooth konjac jelly beads. Konjac extract gently exfoliates to accelerate the turnover of damaged cells, while enhancing skin’s natural resilience. This non-abrasive cleanser adequately cleanses skin and leaves a protective layer that locks in moisture all day or night. Plus, it does not contain petrol lithium, benzophenone, or artificial colors; making it perfect for sensitive skin types.

Apply a thin layer all over face including eyes and wipe off with tissue or damp cloth. Rinse face with lukewarm water.

For Sensitive Skin *taken from here*

I got this from Koreabeauty in sample sizebtw if you want to be  Koreabeauty official supporter you can check it out hereOkay, back to review
Nothing much to say sih, becouse it's only a sample size which mean,
they have the different packaging with the full size one, kekeke
Texture and Performance:
First, i want to tell you, i already put a lot bb cream and foundation on my hand to testing out this cleanser.
The texture is thick but soft, just like the name "Gonyak Soft"
After spreading it out, you can see the jelly scrub
Add some water, usually, they have a lot bubble/foam
rinse with water
To testing out how clean this cleansing foam, i put my cleansing oil in to the tissue
*ran out the cotton pad :p* and then sweep it on my hand.
So cleaaann ~ 
Best cleanser ever to remove the thick layered of bb cream and foundation
+ I love the jelly scub
+ lovely scent
+ Remove make up really well
+ Doesn't make my skin drying
- Found nothing
Joon and me really love this!!
Where to buy?:
Koreabeauty : Facebook
Koreabeuty : Website
Koreabeauty : Qoo10 Indonesia
This is my honest experience, thanks for reading. see you on my next post.


  1. Nice review♥Bd jd pilihan buat kulit sensi nih..
    Biasanya cc pake cleaansing oil.. gak tau mrasa gak suka feeling oilynya.. lol

  2. Astagaaaa lucu banget ada jelly-jellynya gituuuuu X)

  3. Ellen, iya ce, sama banget, suka agak keganggu kalo pake cleansing oil

    Vani, hehe iya lucu, bagus lagi hasilnya :)


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