Review : Etude House Color Lips-Fit

Hello my dear...
Just finished re-watching WGM Adam Couple, 
oh I really like this couple among all couple i've been watching.
Second fav couple is Yoseo couple :D
Jonseo? i hate them, maybe because Joon is my ultimate bias,
i can't stand watching his marriage life, i only watch the 2 beginning episode
and when they're divorce, hahaha!

Back to the main topic, today i wanna write review about Etude House Color Lips-Fit.
When i read review from Ce Rini in here! I know, i need to grab the #PK002 one >,<
Thanks Ce Rini for the poisoning review, but i'm happy XD

*pict taken from here*

The box it self is really pretty, dominated with pink color and some circle-ribbon pattern
and they have description both, in hangul and english. 
For no reason, I love the name of this shade, Silhouette Fit Pink :p
This product contains Net Wt. 0,35 oz / 10 g
and comes with small plastic bottle. No need to explain more futher, 
Etude House always have a verry beautiful-princess-packaging!
I'm just loving it
The applicator is really small, which is you easyly apply this on your lips :)

Texture and Swatch
Look at those color, so pigmented, right?
For the texture, i find its quite unique, butter powdery or something like that, lah.
When you smudging around with your finger, you can feel, how light and smooth the texture :)
I was kinda bit shocking at the first time i put this lipstick/liptint *idk* on my lips
super bright hot pink color XD with my browned skin, i think im looking
so exotic with hot pink color, hahaha OTL

As soon as i opened the cap, i can smell Cherry, same smell like my Dear Darling Tint AD.
I had big meal when wearing this, and it still pretty good on my lips, but sure you need
touch up to make it more pretty. I think it will last for 5-6 hours without eating.

Pros ?
+ Pretty packaging
+ Pigmented
+ Matte

Cons ?
- kinda bit drying, make sure to apply lipbalm first

Price ?
IDR 91-125, depends where you buy it.
I bought it for IDR 91, and ready stock, happy ~

Where to buy?
Online shop.
I recommended you to buy it from Koreabeauty or Riebutik 

Thanks for reading, see you on my next post.


  1. hi Nurina, salam kenal^^
    racun lips fit dimana-mana ya, lol >.<
    thanks for sharing, mind to follow each other? :)

    Lova ♥ clovers and carousel blog

  2. hahhaaha senang bs meracuni km na :p
    d km warnanya malah hot pink ya, mirip 3ce lip lacquer ku yg disco XD

  3. hahaha aku juga seneng teracuni ce XD
    iya warnanya jadi hot pink, aku aja kaget

  4. warna pinknya pigmented banget, bagus hasilnya. aku jg lagi ngikutin WGM, tapi 2young couple. lucu gitu mereka keliatan kayak beneran saling suka <3

    have a nice weekend!


  5. bangeeett! sayang aku nggak ngikutin wgm yang season baru, tapi kata temen aku yang 2young seru, jadi pengen nonton >,<

  6. seri ini emang lucu warna2nya tapi menurutku yang lock'n summer adalah versi upgrade-nya dan formulanya lebih nggak ngeringin :D *IMO*
    nice review ~ ^^

  7. omg I love the way you rated the tint! heheh with lee Joons!
    anways lovey review~
    Mind checking out my review on it? + join my new KBeauty Giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Kara Youngji Day&Night Makeup Tutorial || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway


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