Taylor Momsen Inspired Look

March 25, 2014
Hello dear...
If you're following me on Instagram you're probably already see 
my Taylor Momsen inspired look :) Go follow my IG for more update :p
I made this look long time a go, I don't know why i take a long time to posting it on blog 

Yes, I'm a HUGE FAN of Taylor Momsen!!

First time i saw her is on serial tv gossip girl, i dont like her
becouse of her annoying character, but after see her own style, 
I'm in love with her (in a good way, yah)
She's so stylist and her style is so meeee!!! when she made a punk/rock band,
I love her more, she's so gergous and cool!!
Love her bold smokey eyes with blonde hair, if i live in Europe, 
i will dyied my hair blonde and wear a smokey makeup just like her LOL
Becouse i live here, in Indonesia, if I do that i can be a center of attention
anywhere, anytime and all the time *sobsob*

Taylor Momsen
So gergous right? haha i bit shy showing my look becouse is so naaayy, ugh
Gonna practice more to make TayMom perfect smokey eyes!!
More softer look for Jenny Humphrey inspired :p
Did you notice my fake mole? haha 
If you like punk/rock kinda music,
don't forget to check out The Pretty Reckless songs..
Thanks for reading see you on my next post.


Thanks for dropping by and read my blog post ^^
Have a good day, kisses !

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