Event Report : Shu uemura Makeup Event

Hy dear...

Yesterday i was lucky enough to be choosen as one of 12 girls (if im not mistaken) girls to attending 
shu uemura event at Lotte Shopping Avenue. They have 2 session for this event, first session start around 3.00 PM and the second is around 6.00 PM and i choose the first session.

After introducing my self to the PR and while the store is not to crowded i was lingering around the store for taking picture. This is my second time to come to shu uemura store at Lotte Shopping Avenue, and i always loving this store concept, look how many tester they provide and yes you can try every single
 shu uemura product too, they even have MUA to help you to create makeup for you. 
The BA is really nice compare drugstore BA who loves to act arrogant.
After lingering around and taking photo the first session is makeup demo by shu uemura mua.
 1. First step is using shu uemura POREraser uv base makeup(i have the review about this product in here)
2. using the Light Bulb Foundation to create healthy and flawless look
3. and then using the newest product, Light Bulb Compact.
I tell you honestly, the model face becomes really flawless just like Korean idol face *O*
4. then using the eyebrow pencil (i've tried this eyebrow pencil, oh GOD! it was really good, i want it >,<)
5. Using Princess pallete to create natural glow eyemakeup
6. the last 2 step is using the newest product, Calligraph Ink.
7. last but not least blush on and lipstick 
While the mua doing her job to the model, the MC is explaing the new product from shu uemura, 
The Light Bulb Compact and Callipgrahp;ink
This compact have a special sponge with 2 different side, the white one is for compact application and the pink one is for polish purpose. I've tried this to, but unfortunately without the special sponge so i can give my opinion  about this  lightbulb compact
Another newest product, Calligraph:Ink. everyone is going crazy about this eyeliner, 
i didn't have a chance to try this T_T
So happy to meet Mba Dilla at the real life :D
Pretty Ashley a.k.a Endy Feng :D
My second fav product from Shu uemura the eyelash curler
After the demo make up, we start the make competition, they give us 5 different look inspiration to choose, and i choose Avant Grade, becouse i know everyone is trying to make dancing liner, and shu dont provide us much eyeliner so i choose the one without eyeliener XD
The original Avant Grade look
and here's my Avant Grade look
Much look like sick person than the original Avant Grade XD
I taking this picture in the famous shu vanity with 3 different lighting, 
just ignore the first pict, it was to dark becouse i forgot to set my cam XP
 Last but not least taking picture with the fellow beauty bloggers
With Dilla and Imelda
Sorry for the long post, thanks for Beauty Blogger Matchmaker and Shu uemura
also thanks for reading, see you on my next post


  1. Nunu, yg kamu udah di posting lagi..hahah cepet banget..yg aku baru upload2 gambar2 nya doang :D

  2. I love these photos with your friends~ So beautiful! <3

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  3. Nunuy~ fotoku yang kamu ambil bagus sekaliiii *,* hihihi XD

  4. hoyeeee, senang mba dil suka :D

  5. mumpung masih anget ka haha XP

  6. haha lagi ga ada kerjaan mba + masih anget, jadi cepet cepet di post XD

  7. Aku ijin simpan fotoku yaa~ :D

  8. Wahhhh... serunyaaaa....

    Senang sekali bisa bertemu sesama blogger...

    Nice post dear...



  9. lovely look

    i adore shu uemura products!


    style frontier

  10. next time, kalo ada lg dan dibuka buat semuanya ikut yuk :)

  11. seru ya.. smoga aku bs ketemu km na kapan2 ^^

    btw aku nominasiin km buat Sunshine Blogger Award :3


  12. aaahh, iya aku mau bgt ketemu ce rini :D
    hihihi makasih ce, awardnya ^^


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