IBB Make Up Challenge June 2014 with SilkyGirl

Hy dear...

I finally decide to participate *for many times* to Indonesia Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge.
This month theme is Be Bold Be Smokey, and two winner will get Silky Girl product worth IDR 500.000
aaah, me waaaanntt!! and i was kinda bit obsessed with smokey make up, but yeah i dont have any courage to wear it on my daily activity, i dont really like to be the center of attention, lol
So back at the MUC, i create three differents look *finally i can spare a lil bit time to make up* *dancing* but i'm not to satisfied with the result -_- you guys judge lah ya :)

1st Look
This my fav from all of smokey eyes i made today ^^
and, honestly i recreat Perypie look in this makeup kekekeke
You can watch Pearypie tutorial in here

2nd Look
I made a fake mole around my lips,
 haha yep still *another* obsessed with Taylor Momsen Smokey makeup! OTL

3rd Look
Last but not least, smokey me red, lol
Hmm... my foundation is to light than my actual skin tone, but whatever deh ya, 
imma to lazy to change my foundie :p and sorry if my pictures hurt your eyes keke...

Have join this make up challenge? 
Check Indonesia Beauty Blogger website to know the rules,
or simply by clicking here here hereee ~

Thanks for reading my blogpost, 
see you on my next post,
Wish me luck and


  1. Love that makeup! You are so beautiful! :)

    ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤


  2. Nurinnn... look kamu yang 1 bedaabangett... sexy. Cantikk banget.. sukaa..
    Good luck yaa

  3. Kakkkk pangling omggg
    Cantikn bangeettt ♡♡
    Good luck ya kakak cantikk


  4. Wooo second looknya kelihatan misterius banget lho ^_^
    Sexy misterisu gitu ^_^
    Good Luck sai ^_^

  5. ah mba dine, aku jadi malu *blushing* maaci mba dine sayang :*

  6. thank you, good luck for us :D

  7. kyaa, sampe pangling gitu XD hihi makasih angie sayang, good luck juga buat kamu ya :D

  8. the power of makeup ya ce, hehehe
    maaci ce Ellen :*


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