I'm the New Etude House Global PINK BIRD and UNBOXING May PINK BOX

Hy dear
I have a big announce to all of you ^^
If, youre following me on instagram, you must probably know, I was the new Etude House Global Pink Bird Blogger!! For one year, Etude House Global will send me Pink Box every month starting on May 2015 till May 2016, Pink Box is an exclusive beauty box for Pink Bird contains brand new and best selling product from Etude House. yeaaayy, lucky me!!

So, what is Etude Pink Bird?
Pink bird is a exclusive program where Etude House selected a few bloggers and vloggers all around the world to showcase their newest, latest and best selling product for all their Etude Houses fan worldwide. Etude House hand selects the lucky Pink Bird and I am honored to have been chosen. This is a really big opportunity, to get a chance to try their newest and best selling product!
After waiting for like two or three weeks, finally I got a notice from post office, I can pick up my package, yeaaayy! 
So, are you ready to take a look whats inside my very first Pink Box?
*drum roll please, lol*
 All of you are born as a Princess
You cant imagined how I felt when I received this box, I almost screaming in the post office, hahaha. Okay, lets take a look inside my pink box
What I got?
Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura
Precious Mineral Any Cushion
Play 101 Pencil
Cherry Tint Lip Tint
Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet
I will make a separate post for product review, for today, im just gonna give a short information about their newest product, im sorry :)
Etude House latest product is their Precious Mineral Any Cushion and Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura. Both of them have a very similar concept and packaging except one thing, the finish result.

And if you take a look inside the packaging the have different cushion/sponge. The white dot is the pearl aura. If im not mistaken, long time a go Etude House has primer product called pearl aura, you can use pearl aura before or after even you can mix it with your foundation. This product gives you a glowing and dewy finish just like a what Korean Girls prefer.

Etude has an awesome idea to make pearl aura in to the cushion type, no need tons of makeup and step, with just Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura you can achive glowing and dewy finish like korean girls in no time and without wasting too much money ;)

Here's the different between the regular cushion and pearl aura cushion, can you see it clearly?
The regular cushion gives you matte finish, while the pearl aura cushion has shimmer to gives you a dewy finish. 

Etude House also send me their best selling lip tint, called Cherry Lip Tint, this lip tint become so famous after f(X) Suli using it on one of her drama, forgot the drama tittle -_-

Cherry Lip Tint comes in 4 different shades (if im not mistaken), they have Pink, Red, Orange, and Purple, and i got mine in Pink, such a lovely color, lemme show you the swacth on my lips ^^
I got this color after applying a several coat, my lips quite dark, so i need a several coat to make it the color appear on my lips :)
I aslo got Etude House Play 101 Pencil, but too bad, i already have this color :"
I got number 6, this pencil supposed to be an eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter. 

Ah, forgot to mention, Play 101 Pencil is a multifunctional product, you can use it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter, contour, lipstick, lipliner and even blush on. Crazy right? Etude House Play 101 Pencil has a tons of shade to choose, from matte to shimmer, from neutral to the darkest shade you can find in the market, everything you need you can find it in Play 101 Pencil ;)
Havent tried this, yet. For the information i got, this the new family from Wonder Pore series. more infomartion on the seperated post, yah :D

Etude House Global also send me magazine/booklet about Etude House product. And the content is really helpful and informative :)
Do you want to see the inside magazine?
If you want it, i will put it in another post :)

And, it's wrap ^^
Thank you so much Etude House for picking me as your new Pink Bird Blogger ^^
If you're interested to be Etude House Global Pink Bird blogger or their new product, please visit
Please wait for the review of each product in my blog ^^
Thank you for reading, see you in my next post.


  1. Waaaah waiting more review of precious mineral any cushion pearl aura ya kak :)

  2. Congrats! What's an SNS URL? :)

  3. Aduhhhh beruntung banget kamu nurinaaaa ^^ aku suka tuuhh pearl lip tint nyaa ^^

    My new post, yuk mampir say http://www.misskarlina.com/2015/06/wardah-eye-shadow-seri-a.html

  4. hehehe iya mba, alhamdulillah lagi beruntung aku ^^
    sama, aku juga suka sama fresh cherry lip tint-nya :D

  5. Thanks, my SNS URL https://instagram.com/nunungkring/ or https://twitter.com/nunungkring/ ^^

  6. siaapp, segera akan hadir reviewnya ^^

  7. dini setiyorini12 June 2015 at 09:12

    lucky banget deh nuy >_< penasaran ama review any cushion pearlnya, compare plis ama yg any cushion biasa :D Thanks a lot

  8. lip tint nya favoritku aku tuh kak, btw congrats kak nuy, lucky you ^^

  9. You have such pretty lips and that color looks great on you! They sent me the orange cherry tint, which I was dying to try. The next box is going to be so fun too!



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