Review: Zoya Cosmetics CC Cream and Blotting Powder

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I’m back with another great review. Around last week I got an package from Zoya Comsetic. They send me a few makeup product to tried on, and on this post, im gonna write a honest review about two out of product that they send me.

So, they send me an CC Cream, Blotting Powder, Matte Lipstick and Eyebrow Mascara
So many stuff to try on, thank you so much Zoya Cosmetic!
Okay, let’s jump to the review, shall we?

Zoya Cosmetic CC Cream
Color Corrector. Translucent, hydrating flawless & radiant broad spectrum UV protection.
There’s not much information bout this product on the box either on the body of cc cream. But I guess, since it way sayed translucent, this cc cream probably is like the first step before using foundation or maybe bb cream or, you can wear this product itself. They have UV protection too, to protect our skin.
This cc cream comes with a box. And I’m liking the packaging of the cc cream.

Yeay for the pump!
What I like from this cc cream was the texture. The texture is perfect! Not too thick and not to liquidy, and it’s easily to blend with you finger and doesn’t clump on my (big) pores. Also, they don’t have any particular smell on it. But, the shade is too white for my skin L

Zoya Cosmetic Blotting Powder
Zoya Cosmetic Blotting Powder adalah bedak padat unik yang dirancang untuk menyerap kelebihan minyak pada wajah, tanpa menambahkan warna dan tekstur sehingga tampil cantik alami.

This blotting powder also comes with a box. The packaging looks so cute in my opinion, because it’s really small >,< will perfectly fit on you makeup pouch.

I’m so surprised at the first time I saw this powder, because the color not white nor cream, but light green, yes light green!! But, don’t worry, it becomes translucent, kok!
Naahh, see the swatches picture above kan? The color becomes natural and perfectly match with my dark hand :p
Naahh, here’s I gave you the picture of before after using Zoya Cosmetic products.
I have a lot tiny dark spot and uneven skintone, the cc cream not really covering my complexion, but enough sih for me. And the blotting powder totally matifying my face! Love it. As seen on the description box, this powder doesn’t have any coverage.
I really love the final result using Zoya Cosmetics CC Cream and the blotting powder! No cakey, no shiny and looks natural on my face ^^
I gave both product 4.5 score. Becouse im totally statisfied. The cc cream doesn’t break me out and the blotting paper gives a good job by controlling my oily combination face.

So, what do you thingking bout those product?
Are you willing to try them out?
Let me know in comment box bellow ^^

Thanks for reading, see you on my next post.


  1. yang blotting powdernya oil controlnya bagus ga yaa?

  2. hai rizkiyaap,

    untuk blotting papernya cukup baik kok dalam hal oil controlnya :)


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